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Free Corporate Legal Forms page - Annual Meeting of Shareholder Minutes


The annual meeting of the Shareholders of the above-named Corporation, was held on
_______(2)________, at ____(3)___, at the offices of the corporation.
On motion duly made and carried, a Chairman and Secretary of the meeting were
elected, the same being _____(4)______ and ______(5)_______.
The Chairman and Secretary accepted his office and proceeded with the discharge of his
The Chairman then called the roll and found that the following shareholders to the articles
of Incorporation were present in person:
_____________(6)____________ __(7)___
_____________(6)____________ __(7)___
_____________(6)____________ __(7)___
_____________(6)____________ __(7)___
_____________(6)____________ __(7)___
_____________(6)____________ __(7)___
A written Waiver of Notice of the time and place of holding the present meeting, signed
by all of the shareholders of this corporation was then presented and read by the Chairman and
the same was ordered, filed and spread at length upon the minutes.
Upon motion duly made and carried, the following named persons were elected as
Director of the Corporation to serve until the next annual meeting of shareholders, or until his
successor is duly elected and qualified:
motion duly made and carried, it was:
RESOLVED, that the above-named Directors of this Corporation be promptly notified of
their election and requested to meet at the earliest opportunity after the adjournment of this
meeting to elect the officers of the Corporation and to take such action as may be deemed
advisable or necessary to complete the organization of the Corporation.
There being no further business before the meeting the same was, on motion, duly

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